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Imago: the Lift&Slide that decorates
Less than 2 cm of visible wooden frame, more visual space, big surfaces in glass, a lot of possibilities for the interior designer.

Imago is a project that turns around the Lift & Slide system in wood, finding the perfect solution to the high-profile architectonic projects.

Imago breaks the laws of the doors design: the fixed sash becomes a big glass wall with an essential and almost invisible frame; the second sash sections have been reduced thanks to the new 27 mm backset lock; a new embedded top guide improves the beauty of this locking system.
Big attention to the minimal value, but it is not just it.
Thanks to the Uni-V and the top locking profile, keeping open the Lift&Slide, there is no contact point between the sash and the frame and no friction by the pad, brush or gaskets.
The Climatech threshold gives incredible thermal performances; the 78 mm frame thickness allows the use of double glasses and the wide glasses guarantee better thermal insulation.
 Imago was designed to offer the maximum working simplicity. It uses the milling cutter you always use and the frame is made by the same sash workings. The fixed glass holder profile offers a minimum visual space, less than 11 mm.
Imago: less visible frame, more visual space, more possibilities for designers. Because Less is more. And thanks to this pay-off, the IMAGO campaign is passing by a particular advertising creativity which is present in every design magazine all over the world. The dedicated website, making faster the user registration, will be also useful for finding every detailed information as leaflets and working drawing. Imago Point, in fact, wants to promote and advertise the excellent producer for the Imago production on the target of architects, engineers, surveyors and designers in general.
The producer company will be recommended to the designer as a qualified point for the showroom exhibition and the order of the Imago Lift&Slide.
The contact information and the Imago point subscriber logo, in fact, will be published on the website
The website will be promoted in the main Italian magazines dedicated to the architecture, showrooms and producers.
The designer and the architects will find every useful technical tool into the portal to insert Imago in their projects and the partners Imago Point where they can view, and eventually order, the new Lift&Slide.
The producers which are interested in discovering the Imago Point program could ask for information to the reference Agent/Technical Promoter.

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