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Poseidon TT: AGB rewrites the rules of security
AGB introduces Poseidon TT, the lock for tilt&turn systems that is able to transfer the concept of security just looking at the window

In the last years there was a terrible grown of break-in attempts in houses. The grown increased about 114% than the 2004. To obtain the maximum security of your house, you have to find the anti-burglar safety: AGB introduces Poseidon TT, the locking system for tilt&turn windows that is able to transfer the concept of security just looking at the window.

Feeling safe at home is the primary need and the hardware plays the main role for the grade of security that a window or a door can reach. AGB identified this need introducing the new hardware range Poseidon TT for tilt&turn systems. To date, the competitors concentrated on accessories evolutions which guarantee the security of a window. What it has changed, changed to achieve excellent results of anti-burglar certifications.

Now AGB introduces Poseidon TT and is ready to transform the idea of what security is.

Poseidon TT makes a new way of create, communicate and sell security: a hardware that is able to resist against break-in attempts, but not only. A locking system completely different from what we see until now and able to transfer the concept of security just looking at the window. The new system uses a facing hook that enters the steel strikers in order to avoid totally a gap between sash and frame.

The accessories range Poseidon TT is equipped of components for low transom and jambs for handle and hinges sides, that can be used in a wide dimensional range and makes windows from small to big dimensions, with single or double sash. Poseidon TT is a part of Artech hardware for tilt&turn windows which contains all the creativity and technology by AGB.

The high level of attention dedicated by the Product Managers to security is tested from important details of standard configurations as the extensible bolt with anti-burglar striker in steel. Moreover, the lever can’t be activated during a break-in attempt because it has been designed with front opening. With standard components and great beauty, Artech allows to reach the certification in RC1 class. Artech is very secure and every component has been created to fight against break-in attempts. The cam striker as a standard has been planned starting from a unique steel piece. A choice of stability that avoids the problem of auto-adjustable components which are less efficient in terms of resistance. The strikers and the adjustable cam allow high adjustments of the hardware system ensuring the same anti-burglar performance in every position of adjustment.

Artech means security because it offers accessories that are able to transform a window in a precious partner to guarantee the safety of the home. The result? A hardware system that allow the certification in RC2 and RC3 using standard components. Artech is synonym of strong and beautiful window, characterised by stylish and innovative solutions.

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