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Vitra, the new minimalist horizontal magnetic lock

Vitra is the non-handed horizontal magnetic lock for glass doors, for residential use and offices, available for WC and cylinder versions. Vitra has small dimensions and can be inserted into the glass, not surface mounted as the solutions available in the market nowadays.
The lock is suitable for doors in aluminium and wood. For wooden doors where the trend is to have minimal lines, we created a minimalist forend that allows the latch alignment with the handle hub.
But Vitra offers different forend solutions to satisfy every design request by architects and door producers.
To complete the design details, no screw hole is visible in order to give a pleasant touch to environment and view.
In the cylinder version, AGB developed a dedicated model: the cylinder design is something more of a European profile cylinder even keeping the standard key. It allows to reduce the dimensions and protrusions, guaranteeing to realise systems and masterizations compatible with the standard cylinder, model Scudo 9000.
Vitra is extraordinarily silent in closing and precise on mechanical movements. It offers an excellent fluidity on handle, on cam and on key movements.
Italian production and AGB quality of performances.

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