Concealed hinge with integrated self-closing system for internal flush doors, suitable for applications with drywall and surface mounted coverplate, thanks to the 23 mm high opening. High capacity up to 80 kg with 2 hinges. 

The sash part hinge stays at 5 mm from the external surface, in order to avoid deformations during millings. 

From the frame side, thanks to the reduced milling of the hinge body, Eclipse 4.1 ensures a 13 mm overlap and the possibility to mill even when the gasket is already installed.

Product features

Adjustments in pressure ±1 mm
vertical ±3 mm
horizontal +3/-2 mm
Height 154 mm
Max. extension
Max. extension 23 mm
Material zamak
Capacity 80 kg with 2 hinges
Type for wood
for aluminium
Adjustments of the closing system

Adjustments of the closing system

To reach a higher closing force, load the spring turning the nut in a counterclockwise using a 17 mm wrench.

To reach a lower closing force, turn the nut in a clockwise to download the spring.

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