S-Line carriages
Designed to realise sliding sashes with reduced lower transom, the S-Line carriages allow to realise sliding sashes with 74 mm profile.
The capacity is 240 kg with 2 carriages, the system allows to reach 340 kg capacity using 2 optional carriages.


Product features

Type for wood
for wood-aluminium
Capacity 240 kg with 2 carriages
340kg with 2 additional carriages
Customise the capacity according to your needs

Customise the capacity according to your needs

S-Line offers a standard loading capacity up to 240 kg with two reduced carriages.
With two additional carriages the capacity reaches 340 kg.
The maximium comfort

The maximium comfort

Optional lock with gas spring for a fluid movement of heavy sashes up to 200 kg.
Simple to be made

Simple to be made

The S-Line carriages can be used with standard AGB locks: it is possible to realise a minimal lift&slide just changing the millings of the lower transom.
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