Artech Plana: the minimal hinge

17 Jul 2017 - Design / Product news / Performance
Less is more: the evolution of design in architecture, where the detail has to be minimalist, includes also windows and doors world with invisible hinges and coplanar profiles.
When coplanarity and invisible hardware are needed together on the same window, the new concealed hinge Artech Plana is the solution to all problems.
Minimal design meets the best performances. Well-detailed and minimalist hinge, Artech Plana allows to realise windows with big dimensions and anti-burglar glasses, thanks to the 150 kg capacity and opening up to 110°. Artech Plana allows to realise flush windows with minimum gap between sash and frame.
The perfect solution for flush windows and wooden walls.
High weight load, minimum gap, wide adjustments and easy installation of the sash on-site are the noticeable characteristics which distinguish the invisible hinges Artech Plana, suitable for tilt&turn windows in wood and PVC.