Imago+ in Arketipo

26 Apr 2021 - Design / Product news
AGB published Imago+ in Arketipo Magazine n.146 – April 2021.

Reduced profiles with increasingly wide and performing sashes. AGB’s constant search for improvement in the development of the product has led to the reduction of wood or aluminum-covered wood profiles to only 50 mm.  Thanks to a new dedicated cap and a meticulous installation, the frame disappears both on the lock side and along the top transom, just like for the fixed sash; the transoms are the only visible part. Thanks to the reduced width of the profile, which allows to increase the glass surface by 5% while keeping the same size for the sash, the natural lightening is no longer hindered; on the contrary, it is enhanced by the wide sashes that can lift up to 400 kg.

In the design of new buildings as well as in renovation projects, the higher percentage of glass surface helps improve the comfort of interior spaces while amplifying the contact between the indoor and the outdoor environment. All AGB products stand out for the meticulousness of the details, and Imago+ is no exception: no protuberance is visible and the sliding guide, which is embedded in the top transom of the frame, conceals the door stopper, while housing the safety Auto Brake system. This mechanism gradually slows down and stops the sash before it reaches the frame. Furthermore, this safety system can be used both in in the opening and closing movements, simultaneously on the same sash, ensuring the maximum safety.

During the manual opening, Auto Brake is almost imperceptible, making the movement extremely comfortable. Finally, Imago+ is provided with an innovative lock, RC2 certified, characterised by two combined functions:  the bottom-up movement of the hook prevents the sash from unhinging during the lift, while, in the closing operation, even when forcing the hook, it is impossible to operate the hardware.