Imago: the Lift&Slide that decorates

17 Jul 2017 - Design / Product news / Performance / Security

Imago is a project that turns the wooden Lift&slide system upside-down, delivering the perfect solution to the high-profile projects.
Imago breaks through in the door design: the fixed sash becomes a big glazed wall with an essential and almost invisible frame; the sliding sash sections have been reduced thanks to the new 27 mm backset lock; a new embedded top guide improves the design of this locking system.
We paid great attention to the minimal design, but also to functionality: thanks to the Uni-V and the top locking profile, while sliding the sash, there is no contact point between the sash and the frame and no friction by the pad, brush or gaskets.
Climatech threshold gives incredible thermal performances; the frame thickness allows the use of wide glasses which guarantee better thermal insulation.
 Imago has been designed also for easy production. L&S cutters doesn’t have to be changed and the sash is milled as always.
The fixed glass holder profile has a minimum visual space, less than 11 mm.

Imago: less frame, more glass, more opportunities for designers, cause Less is More!
With this claim AGB pushed Imago concept throughout the main architectural and design magazines. Imago website has been created to share relevant information, drawings, technical details and especially to promote Imago partners to architects and designers: all those outstanding joinery companies who joined the project as “Imago point” and have the capabilities and knowledge to produce and promote IMAGO Lift&Slides.
Architects and designers will be advised to contact the joinery company listed as IMAGO point to visit the showroom and ask for a quotation.  
The joinery companies that want to join the project and become an IMAGO point can contact an AGB Agent/Technical promoter for more information.