Integration between AGB and VDA Group

23 Jun 2021 - Design / Product news / Performance / Security / Opera Smart
Accommodation facilities increasingly organise their rooms in modules, by renting them individually or to pairs according to customers’ requests.
VDA-Group, in contact with AGB for some time, has asked us for support, in order to enable the hotels to manage these special rooms from the reception, without having to operate directly on the doors and without causing the guest a discomfort probably.
In the past, indeed, VDA made use of traditional strikers, continuously powered, to keep the doors of the rooms open. A solution which, however, among the issues commonly found in the use of devices of this sort, causes a particular overheating of frame striker, easily exceeding 50°.
Due to this, AGB has developed the “Hold-open” special version of the Opera iControl, which enables the integrated system to manage, in the easiest way possible, a different way to use the rooms, improving the memory functions and the manual release lever of electric strikers.
The integration between AGB and VDA systems is completely easy, both for guests and hotel, in order to provide the maximum comfort and use simplicity.
Opera iControl by AGB is, indeed, an electronic lock monitored by the VDA access control system. Its installation guarantees the highest levels of design, silence and security, while still ensuring the use of an advanced access control system with a wall reader.