The new concealed hinge with integrated closing system with spring Eclipse 3.4 HD Self is reversible with frame part reduced to 21 mm.
Same millings of the Eclipse 3.4 range plus the milling for the spring body.

Product features

Adjustments in pressure ±1 mm
vertical ±2 mm
horizontal ±1,5 mm
Height 115 mm
Max. extension
Max. extension 14 mm
Material zamak / steel
Capacity according to the model of hinge where it is coupled with: Eclipse 3.4 or Eclipse 3.4 HD
Type for wood
for aluminium
Adjustments of the closing system

Adjustments of the closing system

To reach a higher closing force, load the spring turning the nut in a counterclockwise using a 17 mm wrench.

To reach a lower closing force, turn the nut in a clockwise to download the spring.

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