Hinge for reversible flush doors. Centro locks enable user-friendly flush door reversibility in a simple way.

Product features

Height 56 mm
Diameter 14 mm
Pins 1 threaded pin and fastening plate with screw
Material steel
Type for wood
Sash part

Sash part

The panel part of the hinge can be fastened to the panel in the manufactorer's premises. In the building yard, it just takes the rotation of the hinge body of 180° in order to define the hand of the door.
Frame part

Frame part

Fixing of the frame part of the hinge by means of two screws (3,5 or 4 mm) and two pins, guaranteeing a perfect and long lasting loading capacity.
Two available versions

Two available versions

Available in 2 versions, with 11 and 13 mm vertical axis.
Door REVERsibility

Door REVERsibility

Tipping of panel and frame in a few seconds, without additional workings and without mistakes while assembling the components.
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