Revolution XT
Revolution XT is no longer just a closing element, but a design complement that increases and gives value to the internal door.

Product features

Closing key lock
bathroom lock (6 mm)
cylinder lock
Axis 90 mm (key)
96 mm (WC)
85 mm (cylinder)
Forend 18 mm
Backset 50/60/70 mm
Hub 8 mm
Material zamak
Customizable forend

Customizable forend

The forend is customizable and the lock blends completely with the door design.
Matchless customization

Matchless customization

A wide range of customizable colours can be provided on request. It is also possible to reproduce the wood essence on the forend by hidding the lock in the panel. The latch is available in different finishes in combination with the forend.
Simplicity of use

Simplicity of use

Thanks to the practical snap-in installation of the forend, it is possible to hide the fastening screws of the lock giving more elegance to the door.
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