Scivola T
Lock for internal sliding doors. Since it is simple to install, and given the considerable hook-striker tolerance, Scivola T guarantees perfect locking in all situations. Scivola T is a pleasingly smooth operating handle and key system. The head of the hook features a patented bit which acts as jig to mark on the jamb the centre of the notch for the striker housing. Scivola T is provided in kit including catches with handles and finger pull.

Product features

Closing key lock
Axis 70 mm
Forend 16/18 mm
Backset 50 mm
Hub 8 mm
Material steel
Simplicity and precision

Simplicity and precision

Thanks to its special shape, the covering tray is simply and precisely positioned onto the miling.
Compatibility with the Mediana and XT locks

Compatibility with the Mediana and XT locks

The drill of Scivola T Mediana forend, with oval and round pull handles (2 and 3), grants the complete interchangeability with Mediana and XT locks (1) for swinging doors.
Design of striker

Design of striker

In less than one minute, it is possible to install the striker reaching a vaulable aesthetic result.
Design of the striker

Design of the striker

Less of a minute is enough to install the striker reaching a great minimal result.
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