Opera iControl
Electronic lock for hotels compatible with every wall reader system and it perfect for hotels that have already installed an access control system.
It works as an electric striker but ensuring better design thanks to the minimalism of the cuonterplate, an improoved security becaise of the automatic bolt and an incredible silince when closing the door due to the magnetic movement f the latch.

Product features

Closing cylinder lock
Axis 85 mm
Forend 18/22 mm
Backset 70 mm
Hub 8 mm
Material steel
IR connection

IR connection

Data transmission to the lock by coded infrared ray (1).
Compatible with readers of third parties (2).
Minimal design

Minimal design

- Feel free to choose the handle;
- Minimal forend of the lock and the striker;
- The striker is the same both for right and left doors, without wing.
Antiburglar security

Antiburglar security

- Magnetic latch and automatic bolt;
- The sintered steel bolt protects the room from break-in attempts;
- The emergency mechanical half cylinder guarantees the manual door opening.
Striker with bolt sensor

Striker with bolt sensor

The bolt sensor is available already pre-installed in kit or separately as an accessory. It allows the RMS (Room Management System) to know if the door is open or closed with the bolt. Thsi allows, for example, to communicate a possible break-in attempt in progress to the alarm system.
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