Locking system for wood, PVC and aluminium. Particularly suitable for reduced sash profiles, the XS espagnolettes are born for aluminium shutters.
Available in 2 versions: snap-in espagnolette XS and Unica XS.

Product features

Rotation 90°/180°
Finish Black Powerage
Silver Powerage
Base varnishable
Material zamak
Snap-in espagnolette XS

Snap-in espagnolette XS

Suitable for reduced sash profiles up to 24 mm, the snap-in espagnolette XS is provided by concealed screws and hooks which are compatible with existing locking pins.
Espagnolette Unica XS

Espagnolette Unica XS

Suitable for reduced sash profiles up to 40 mm, the espagnolette Unica XS is provided by rod guide XS and handle holder XS. It can be used even on 2 sashes systems with AGB standard wall catches.
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