Unitop is a multipoint lock, ideal for French doors opening onto balconies or gardens. Unitop lock can be installed on rebated doors of any size, with single or double sash, made of timber, PVC, aluminium/wood or a composite material. The locking cams, arranged at different points on the forend, are moved to the closed position by lifting the handle, and can then be locked with the key.

Product features

Axis 85-92 mm
Forend 16/20 mm
Backset 25/30/35/40/45/50/55 mm
Poseidon lock
Poseidon lock
Lock Adjustable roller cam
Finish Silver finish
Patented lock Poseidon

Patented lock Poseidon

Patented locking point with central bolt and two opposite hooks. Lower and upper hooks close on opposite directions and avoid the door unhinging by means of lifting or removal of rebate from the frame. Hooks and bolts are made of solid steel blades in order to guarantee maximum strength and security to the balcony door.
Version with roller cams and terminals

Version with roller cams and terminals

The adjustable roller cams, in variable number and distribution, are optimized related to the lock length and model. The swivelling brass jacket facilitates insertion in striker. To increase the locking points, it is possible the coupling with vertical roundbolts and terminals.
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