AGB introduces the new XC range, a perfect mix of design, comfort and security.
It is the best solution for wide lift&slide doors: the XC system offers the greatest lifting smoothness on heavy sashes up to 440 kg.
The XC system is available with two closing solutions: the traditional pin protruding from the frame and the brand-new hooks lock.
The hook is concealed on the sash once the door is lifted.

Product features

Type for pvc
Capacity XC
330 kg with 2 carriages
440 kg with 2 additional carriages
Capacity S-Line
250 kg with 2 carriages
400 kg with 2 additional carriages
Threshold compatible with all the AGB thresholds
XC carriages

XC carriages

The solution for heavy sashes.
XC means eXtra loading Capacity: the system offers a standard loading capacity up to 330 kg. With two additional carriages, the capacity reaches 440 kg.
The mechanism of lock and carriages have been completely reengineered: the leverage obtained from the devices guarantee the best couple of action possible.
A perfect match of materials reduce the friction and make the movement fluid, ensuring the greatest efficiency onwards.
XC S-Line carriages

XC S-Line carriages

The ideal solution for sashes with minimal profiles. Thanks to clips adapters for XC S-Line, the carriages can be installed on profiles with 16/18/22 mm seat.

Closing points

Closing points

The new closing point with hook allow the same incredible sealing capability as the pins lock, adding even greater anti-burglar security and a minimalistic look when the door is open.
The striker is adjustable and doesn’t require frame millings.
New lock, maximum comfort

New lock, maximum comfort

The brand-new lock has been designed for an effortless opening of heavy sashes, thanks to a perfectly engineered lever system.
The optional gas spring allows a smooth lifting movement of sashes heavier than 200 kg.
It is compatible with any XC lock with the same milling.
Climatech fiberglass threshold

Climatech fiberglass threshold

Customisable low threshold for any profile. 
Excellent thermal performance. 
Certified solutions up to: ari 4, water 9A, wind 2B/2C.

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