Automation system for Lift&Slide, simple to be installed and highly efficient over time. Well-detailed design, great automation care and quality of the system make i.Motion-S the most suitable solution for the most demanding projects.

Product features

Power supply
Power supply 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 20 A
Absorbed power
Absorbed power 120 W
Power of pull
Power of pull up to 300 N - the most powerful in the market - ADJUSTABLE
Capacity up to 440 kg for any carriage set.
up to 800 kg with double hardware
Type for wood
for wood-aluminium

Certifications / Highlights

New high efficiency motor

New high efficiency motor

Comfortable and silent when working.

Up to 440 kg for any carriage set. Up to 800 kg with double hardware. Dragging force up to 300N.

Compatible with smart home. Compatible with access control systems.
The power of the motor

The power of the motor

Thanks to the power of its motor, i.Motion-S is the perfect solution to move sashes with great dimensions.
Plug and play

Plug and play

AGB offers a complete kit for motorised Lift&Slide, composed by 3 components with plug and play system. Logistical and installation simplicity are guaranteed!
The system

The system

Few components and a simple interface with two selectors ensure the rapidity of installation and first use adjustments.
Types of opening

Types of opening

i.Motion-S allows to manage the most common types of opening using a standard system. The installation of the motor can be managed by the joinery itself. It is possible to motorise even the non-standard openings.
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