Vanishing L&S
The project succeeded, where it once appeared it would fail to attain atmospheric agents protection certification. High performances of water resistance, air and thermal transmittance compatible with the regulations about the energetic efficiency of buildings.

Product features

Water tightness
Water tightness Up to 7A
Air permeability
Air permeability Up to 4
Wind loading resistance
Wind loading resistance Up to C1
Impact resistance
Impact resistance Up to 2
Heat transmittance
Heat transmittance Up to 1,6 W/m2K
Vertical application field
Vertical application field 800 ÷ 3000 on sliding sash
Horizontal application field
Horizontal application field 650 ÷ 3000 on sliding sash
Type for wood

Certifications / Highlights

Frame joint

Frame joint

Made with wooden listels, holding the gaskets. A brush is added, creating a decompression chamber, lightening the work of the internal gaskets in order to protect against air and water infiltration.
Top point

Top point

A classic coated sponge pad, combined with a reduced universal guide, ensures optimal resistance against atmospheric agents. It is possible to use the innovative top sealing profile, which stays along the top rail of the sash and resting on the listel. The sash and the frame are therefore sealed thanks to this profile, featuring closed cells foam rubber.
Low track

Low track

Through the synergic action with the new gaskets, and with the central pad, the low tracks also prevent optimal water resistance performance ratings.
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