Activeage, the active hi-protection Silver finish as a standard for AGB hardware

17 Oct 2017 -
AGB offers a Silver finish on all the technical hardware such as multipoint locks, hardware for windows, hardware for pivoting windows and sliding systems with high resistance against corrosion.
Activeage stands out for high corrosion resistance even in the most inclement environmental conditions, to the atmospheric pollution and to humid rooms which take to develop condensate and moulds.
To achieve the results of Activeage, AGB made use of the collaboration of University Research Institutes specialised in the protection of materials.
Strict laboratory tests led to excellent results: Activeage reaches extraordinary anti-corrosion standard, much higher than the regulation requirements of the EN 13126 and overpasses the measurement scale of corrosion resistance indicated in the EN 1670.
Over 2000 hours in salt spray according to EN ISO 9227 without any notch of the surface from red rust.
Activeage is the result of three covering layers, which work in synergy, and lead to unbelievable protection standards.
The product is treated with a zinc layer at first, protecting the metal by creating a first barrier which interposes itself between corrosion agents and product. Then, the product receives a chromic passivation with nanoparticles of silica which actively acts with electrochemical reaction for the protection of the zinc layer and thus the product. The cover of the item is finished with an organic-mineral chromating cover which maintain the anticorrosive characteristics even in case of thermal shocks and dynamic stresses.