CAJED center and AGB: a social work story

13 Dec 2018 -
AGB started a social collaboration in Cameroon to support the recovery activities of young people with diseases managed by the Xaverian missionary Father Adriano.
Father Adriano is sure that the best way to help a person with troubles is to learn him a job, he founded his own missionary activity creating the center CAJED.

It has three schools and accommodations, it provides the training of teenagers with diseases or abandoned by families and he help them to become woodworkers, electricians, mechanics and tailors.
A joinery inside the center has 30 employees and help to finance the project becoming a work activity for young persons in the end of their apprenticeship.
With the aim to help the growth of joinery, an AGB volunteer trained the manpower of the company in one month with the aim to keep it autonomous and make the internal organization efficient.
Thanks to the hardware donation, the workers of the CAJED center learnt new ways of working and enlarge their own range of products.
The experience ended with a great satisfaction from both parts: the AGB will is to continue this collaboration, also providing some computer equipment to improve the technologies available in this missionary center in Cameroon.

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