Touch: simply revolutionary

28 Feb 2021 - Design / Product news

In the last few years, the internal door has been becoming more and more a design element rather than just a separation between two rooms. Now it can be perfectly integrated with concealed frame doorsets. AGB meets this market requirement with Touch, the patented contactless magnetic door catcher. 

Touch allows realising minimal doors or concealed sashes on wooden walls allowing the perfect evolution of the door concept as a design element.
Opening the door becomes the most natural gesture. From the pushing side, Touch allows to move the sash by a simple touch. On the other side, instead, it is enough to pull by using whatever handle, external, embedded or a fixed one.
The door stays in closing position thanks to the magnetic force, without contact or help of a standard latch.
With Touch, the handle doesn’t have to operate any lock: it just helps to push and pull the door, unleashing the designer creativity, integrating the handle in the door design with a new way of grip.
Touch is the perfect solution for concealed frame doors where the handle needs to be minimal but even for concealed doors in wooden walls, where the designer can perfectly integrate the handle with the sash design.
The magnetic catching force can be adjusted according to the user sensibility and it is guaranteed in all the installation conditions.
In systems with fixed magnets currently available in the market, instead, the adjustment force decreases without possibilities to be adjusted, when the gap between sash and frame increases.
The magnets throw in front of the striker only.
When the door is open, magnets retract flush with the forend, creating a minimal design and avoiding problems of protrusion.
The throw extension of the magnets can be adjusted with a 2.5 mm allen key.
The cover can be removed thanks to the clips system and it hides fastening screws and adjustment grubs.