Mediana Evolution
Lock for internal flush or rebated door with polyamide central latch that ensures extreme silence in closing keeping the reliability and strength of all the AGB locks. With the QUICK LATCH®, the new patented system of rapid hooking, you need only few seconds to extract it, turn it to the correct hand of the door and insert it with a click again. Mediana Evolution is remarkably quiet on closing and precise in its mechanical coupling, conveying pleasurable sensations on handle and key movement.

Product features

Closing key lock
bathroom lock (6 mm)
cylinder lock
Axis 90 mm (key)
96 mm (WC)
85 mm (cylinder)
Forend 16 mm (convex)
18 mm
Backset 60 mm (convex)
35/50/60 mm
Hub 8 mm
Material zamak/steel (convex)

Certifications / Highlights

PIV EN12209
PIV EN12209
Silent and versatile

Silent and versatile

Silent, versatile, with essential design, Mediana Evolution meets the market trends and the customers requirements.
Fast and safe movement

Fast and safe movement

The opening/closing movement of the handle has been reduced to 30°. Even when the latch is blocked by the key, the handle can freely rotate, avoiding damage due to unintentional forcings.
The key closes with a click

The key closes with a click

A soft and regular key turn, a precise end stroke. In all versions, it is possible to block the latch in retractable position facilitating the door shipment.
We did it 500,000 times!

We did it 500,000 times!

Mediana Evolution bore an opening-closing test for more than 500,000 cycles maintaining its functionality. Moreover, the excellent quality of the finishes is guaranteed by the periodical corrosion tests with salt fog.
Precision comes from the heart

Precision comes from the heart

Solid and reliable, Mediana Evolution is made of technologically innovative materials and offers new advantages: - extraordinary quiet movement; - precision in the mechanical coupling; - smooth internal kinematics.
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