Polaris 2XT
Magnetic movement lock. It is particularly suitable for modern internal doors, thanks to its lean look design. Polaris 2XT is distinguished by the extraordinary silent closing and the precision in mechanical couplings that give a pleasant feeling of fluidity in the handle and key movements.

Product features

Closing key lock
bathroom lock (6 mm)
cylinder lock
Axis 90 mm (key)
96 mm (WC)
85 mm (cylinder)
Forend 18 mm
Backset 35/50/60 mm
Hub 8 mm
Material steel

Certifications / Highlights

PIV EN12209
PIV EN12209
Smart magnetic lock

Smart magnetic lock

The smart magnetic lock that wins against the most difficult weather conditions. Created with innovative materials in order to ensure the lock functioning even with extreme weather conditions (humidity, dust, chemical agents).
Latch symmetry

Latch symmetry

The magnetic and symmetric latch makes the lock non-handed avoiding the problem of latch reverse.
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