The Vertical Towers

Milan, Italy
The project is one of the better urban renovation in Milan that has been concluded in a convincing way. And it won a prestigious award, the International Highrise Award of Frankfurt. The building has a very particular design, with some lights that illuminate the night giving charm to the building. But that’s not all! Bosco Verticale, one of the most beautiful symbols in Milan, is the world’s tallest and most innovative skyscraper. It has been awarded Best Tall Building Worldwide for 2015 for its greenery at height. It has been decided by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat promoted by the Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago that every year chooses the best skyscraper of every continent and honors the absolute winner. For 2015, the price was given to this building, designed by Stefano Boeri and realized by Manfredi Catella. The committee preferred the Vertical Tower to the One World Trade Center of New York, to the Capita green of Singapore and to the Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid Tower of Abu Dhabi.