Artech stay arm
It is available for rectangular, arched and angled windows.

Product features

Axis 13 mm
Adjustments lateral 4,5/+3,5 mm
in pressure ± 1 mm
Material steel
Window rectangular
Type for PVC
Anti-mishandling device as a standard

Anti-mishandling device as a standard

The anti-mishandling device on the stay arm prevents to rotate the handle and opens the sash from the outside.
Turning device

Turning device

With the turning device of Artech stay arms, it is possible to choose the dimensions of tilt opening: 140 mm standard opening, 80 mm for a reduced opening to:
• simplify the locking process of high windows with low handle (renovation),
• guarantee a great functioning of tilt opening for low windows avoiding the spring effect.
Sphere for tilt position block

Sphere for tilt position block

The locking sphere in tilt position restricts efficiently the self closing of the door caused by air.
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